What is this?

This is the online hub of the Warhammer Fantasy Online Rule Index Project - a project to make the rules of Warhammer Fantasy easily accessible to all in a digital format. I am not claiming to own any of the work by Games Workshop Limited or the Warhammer Armies Project. This project is merely a way of presenting their work in a new, more easily consumable way.

Who do you think you are?

Me? Nobody. I’m just someone who loves WHFB. I’ve been playing Warhammer since the beginning of 5th edition (with some poorly played 4th edition as a lad). I love this game. I’m a fan. I want to have to Old World to live again and be easily accessible to all.

Okay, but what about the books?

They’re great, I love them. I have every rulebook and army book going back to 4th edition. Nothing will replace the feeling of cracking open one of those books and reading the stories or seeing the old 'Eavy Metal photos. The goal here is not to replace the books, but rather make them more readily available in another medium. Nothing will replace the feeling of a book in your hands, but this web app might settle a rules argument faster.

Why did you make this?

I started this project for a plethora of reasons. It started off as tool to help support the Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition and its community. The benefit of being able to quickly search and reference rules was immeasurable.

As the usefulness of such a tool became apparent, I knew I had to do one for 8th Edition as well. With community support, I was able to get that one up quickly and add more features like searchable FAQs and errata.

After that, it was only a matter of time before I got the itch to do even older editions, which often had more FAQs and whose rulebooks sometimes lacked intuitive navigation and indices.

Anything else?

Sure, let me keep these brief:

  • A website is much easier to read and reference on your phone

  • Having a quick reference tool makes rules clarifications easier (especially if you play multiple editions)

  • I believe having the rules quickly accessible will help wargamers, especially new ones

Need help?

This project wouldn't be where it is without community support. Especially when it comes to finding any missing or erroneous content. The best support I can ask for is use the "Bug Report" when you notice something is odd. I also set up a Discord for this project if you'd like to join and offer feedback.

Let's wrap it up...

I started this as a fan, to create a tool to help myself and others enjoy this game more and help spread it to others. I hope this project is as useful to you as it is to me and many others.